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Published on December 20th, 2016 | by De Haas


Together for each other at the Waldorf One World-Day

The Waldorf One World-Day (WOW-Day) is one day a year during which young people all over the world commit their efforts towards ensuring that children and young people in difficult circumstances are provided with school time, a sheltering community or simply a hot meal. To enable this, donations are collected all over the world as part of the WOW-Day.

The Waldorf School Zagreb in Croatia is one of the schools that participated in the WOW-Day this year. The school combined the WOW-Day fundraising event with their yearly celebration of Michealmas, which included a colorful festival in the school yard with many arts and crafts activities. Whilst some students made beautiful kites in precise craftsmanship, others competed against each other in a sack race or tested their balance on wobbly stilts. The highlight of the Michaelmas festival is the traditional fight against the dragon. Students defeat the dangerous monster loudly and show how much courage and strength lies within them. Participants were then invited to recover their strength with home-made cakes and freshly pressed apple juice. For all games, delicacies and drinks, the participants donate a small amount. At the end of the day, the students did not only experience a real adventure, but also collected a proud sum of money, which can now help a Waldorf institution in need.

Commitment of the Waldorf students’ makes a difference. This can be seen at the Lesedi Waldorf School in South Africa for example, which received help from the WOW-Day funds. The school is located in the small town of Madietane, which is in the countryside, about four hours by car from the city of Johannesburg. The villages in this area are spread so far apart that the Lesedi Waldorf School is a boarding school, as the parents are not able to afford daily transportation for their children. Thanks to the WOW-Day contributions, small and large steps have been taken to improve the daily life at school. Kiki Sanne, a teacher, reports:

Dear Friends,

the Lesedi Waldorf School has gratefully received your donation. Your support will, again, be of much use to us: the bunk-beds that we bought a few years back have more than served their time, and have only been held together in the last few months with the help of wire. Some children have even moved their mattresses to sleep on the floor. Which they find pretty creepy, believing, as they do, that they will be visited there by a dwarf-like spirit called Tokoloshe. Or, even worse, that a snake could bite them in their sleep! We now have the plans and materials for good bunk-beds made from wood, and our joiner is ready to start building. The recorders, financed by your last donation, have turned out to be a wonderful in­vestment. Our children are taught recorder by volunteers from Germany, and enjoy the sound of the instruments. A big thank you to you all again! Gaboste! Goodbye, yours Kiki Sanne

Participating in the Waldorf One World-Day

ECSWE invites all students, teachers and parents to become a part of this worldwide event and to organize your own WOW-Day. The proceeds of the fundraising campaign are compiled by the Friends of Waldorf Education and forwarded at 100% to projects in need. All information regarding WOW-Day can be found at:

If you are interested in organizing an event, or if you have questions about WOW-Day, please feel free to contact: Jana-Nita Raker | Tel +49 (0)30 617026 30 |


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