The European Council for Steiner Waldorf Education


ECSWE is actively working on several different projects.

We are aware of the growing need to develop own ways of certifying and presenting the individual achievents of Steiner pupils. Therefore, ECSWE created two different working groups:

  • The Diploma Project seeks to establish school leaving certificates based on assessment at the service of an open process of learning, allowing teachers and students to engage in teaching and learning as a dynamic and dialogic learning pathway, against the backdrop of clear standards and learning outcomes that can be individualised.
  • The European Portfolio Project seeks to increase the visibility of a widened range of learning outcomes (formal, informal and non-formal) through a European Portfolio Certificate (EPC) folder.

Apart from this, ECSWE is supporting the WOW-Day initiated by the Friends of Waldorf Education. Once a year, students at Waldorf schools dedicate one day to support developing Waldorf initiatives around the world.

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  • ECSWE Newsletter 50, September 2017

    In this volume:
    • - A report from the Council meeting in Copenhagen;
    • - Lobbying the European Parliament for an age-appropriate media pedagogy;
    • - ELIANT Conference, 28 November, Brussels;
    • - An update on Waldorf 100;
    • - An update on the WOW-Day 2016;
    • - Domestic reports: from Poland and Latvia;
  • Factsheet 2017/18

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