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Impressions of WOW-Day 2016

“Together for each other! Your commitment enables an education that provides real prospects – worldwide.” That was the motto of WOW-Day 2016. And indeed: Together we achieved a lot! Last fall, colorful fundraisers were held in various places all over the world. Sponsored runs, charity sales, and concerts were again very popular, as was helping your neighbor or working for a business. 169 Waldorf Schools in 30 countries campaigned on WOW-Day. Students from 30 different countries collected about € 360.000 in donations. Over 60 Waldorf Schools and social initiatives benefitted from the proceeds. The donations helped in very different ways. For example, one school could repair their hazardous power lines; some facilities were able to increase their salaries to help their employees in making a living and in providing for their families, while other initiatives simply obtained the means to buy fresh groceries to prepare a warm meal.
Last year, the Luxemburg Waldorf School participated in WOW-Day for the first time by organizing a sponsored run. The special thing about it: participants could cover the distance on foot or by bike. In the run-up, students were enthusiastically looking for sponsors who would donate for each round completed. On the day of the run, students gathered in the nearby forest. “Everyone wanted to cover as many kilometers as possible”, says Maria-Eugenia Beirer, co-organizer of the schools charity team, “because it was for charity. There were so many students who ran or cycled the route several times. Some of them even made 51 kilometers for the good cause.” At the end of the day, the students collected a considerable sum of donations and they decided to support a total of five different Waldorf facilities.

One of those facilities is Gamot Cogon Waldorf School on the Philippines, located in a rural village in the province of Iloilo – in the countryside, surrounded by rice fields, trees and bamboo. This year, around 240 students from kindergarten to 12th grade are attending the Waldorf School. The majority of the parents live in the rural communities close-by, where finding work is a difficult task. Since its foundation, the school community has set itself the social goal of making school attendance possible for both the son of a rickshaw driver and the daughter of a lawyer. The support received through WOW-Day thus helps compensate for missing tuition fees, as teacher Jim Sharman tells us:

“We were so excited to learn that you worked hard and supported our school with WOW-Day funds. This means so much to us in our far-away school in Iloilo, in the Philippines. Our school has so many needs and that is why we appreciate the help from our WOW-Day friends! Because we take in so many children from poor families, we have to get help from outside so that we can operate the school, pay our teachers, and purchase supplies. We also need help with our building projects. The funds that you raised this past year will be used to help us finish building a stage where our classes can perform their plays and where we will hold school events. Thank you so much for your support! Warm greetings, Jim Sharman”

Participating in the Waldorf One World-Day

ECSWE invites all students, teachers, and parents to become a part of this worldwide event and to organize your own WOW-Day. The proceeds of the fundraising campaign are compiled by the Friends of Waldorf Education and forwarded at 100% to projects in need. All information regarding WOW-Day can be found at:

If you are interested in organizing an event, or if you have questions about WOW-Day, please feel free to contact: Jana-Nita Raker | Tel +49 (0)30 617026 30 | wow-day[at]

Picture: Sponsorenlauf-Waldorfschule-Luxemburg, Markus Freisinger

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