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Published on August 31st, 2017 | by ECSWE


Council meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark May 2017

For a beautiful last Council meeting of the 2016-2017 school year, the Danish Federation welcomed the ECSWE reps and guests with warmth and enthusiasm in the beautiful Vartov edifice, situated just next to Copenhagen’s city hall.

The meeting took off on Friday 19th in the morning with a conference that brought together the ECSWE group and Danish Waldorf teachers. Martin Rawson and Ulrike Sievers gave an introductory lecture on the topic of assessment in the Upper school, covering both essential values for Steiner Pedagogy (Martin) and some very down to earth teaching examples (Ulrike). Groups of teachers were then formed per teaching subject and were invited to continue exchanging on the topic with a process facilitated by Ulrike, and combined with artistic breaks involving cooperative drawing and live sculptures. This opportunity to share experiences across boarders was very much appreciated both by the reps and the local teachers. Energy levels did not go down in the afternoon, thanks to an content rich presentation of the Hungarian movement an inspiring talk by Christina Lærke Vilhelmsen & Thomas Uhrskov, who after ten years of hard work and lobbying managed to change Danish law in order to make it possible for Waldorf Upper School students to graduate and apply for University without having to pass state exams.

Usual Council business such as the annual AGM, domestic reports, working groups or an extended report about our Advocacy efforts in Brussels was further highlighted by a presentation by Alison Richards from the Crossfields institute on Saturday. She covered the aims, the development and content of the future qualification that is being created thanks to the ERASMUS+ partnership -Acknowledge Creative and Thinking Skills (ACTS)- that the UK was awarded together with Denmark, Finland Norway and the Crossfields Institute

The weather was lovely which made the Saturday afternoon guided tour of the city by a Danish Waldorf teacher a very enjoyable experience, as well as the glass of biodynamic wine on a boat restaurant and the sophisticated Danish food for dinner.

On Sunday, after an intense weekend about assessment, a report from the Pedagogical Section, and a short lecture based on passages from the Study of Man and the Philosophy of Freedom ended the meeting on note of introspection before everyone exchanged their best wishes for the summer.

Ilona De Haas
ECSWE Office, Brussels

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