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Published on October 4th, 2017 | by ECSWE


Conference: Educating for a Creative Future

Educating for a Creative Future

23-25th October 2017
Michael Hall School Kidbrooke Park
Forest Row, East Sussex, BN2 5RA

The ACTS project has identified a key spectrum of creative thinking skills that are developed through the integrated and trans-disciplinary approach currently found in Steiner Education, and articulated these skills in a manner that can be internationally relevant, attainable and assessable. ACTS has found a straightforward way of making this learning explicit, evidenced and so able to be assessed. In an increasingly mobile world, we now have the inspiring possibility of an internationally available suite of qualifications to recognise creative thinking skills in a portable way.

It is becoming very clear that the time has come for an integrated approach to educating our children towards creative adaptability, and a compassion that is firmly rooted in a perceptive understanding of themselves and the situations that they encounter. The young people of today and tomorrow will need this level of sophistication to begin to address, in a positive and sustainable way, the super-complex global issues and uncertainty that they will inherit from our generation: from Climate Change to mass migrations, and from the challenge of finding sustainable energy and food supplies to addressing the growing incidence of mental health issues.

ACTS answers this need in a practical and pragmatic way. Supported by curriculum develop- ment and Post Graduate Teacher Training the suite of qualifications recognises all learning and thinking styles, it offers real mobility opportunities and a sense of educational community across borders, whether geographical or social.

ACTS invites interested parties to be part of this work and facilitate an investment of effort now, so that tomorrow’s young people will have the necessary inner tools they will need.

Elaine Holt

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