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Education enabling all children to holistically unfold their unique potential throughout their lifelong personal and professional development.


Supporting genuine Steiner Waldorf education and promoting human-centred and independent education in Europe

Our priorities

To implement our mission, we promote freedom in education and school autonomy. The provision of genuine Steiner Waldorf education tailored to local needs is best achieved if the following conditions are met:

  • Freedom of curriculum: National associations and local schools can define and fully implement their own school curricula without state interventions;
  • The freedom of parental school choice as described in Article 14, Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union is granted Europe wide. Where necessary, national governments change their legislation accordingly;
  • Full public funding for independent non-profit schools is granted Europe wide to realize the right of parental school choice, irrespective of financial means;
  • Pluralism in assessment is a reality and Waldorf schools may develop and provide their own, state-recognised diploma. Standardised and centralised tests are replaced with individualised assessment;
  • Age-appropriate ICT and media pedagogy: Our schools can provide their own ICT and media pedagogy based on our development-oriented approach.

Our activities

  • ET 2020 Working Group Schools: Since February 2016, ECSWE is a member. The Working Group is facilitated by the European Commission and brings together experts from national education ministries, relevant EU bodies, international organisations, social partners and civil society to further policy development through mutual learning and the identification of good practices.
  • Initiative for an age-appropriate media pedagogy: Together with IASWECE and ELIANT, ECSWE lobbies EU Institutions and engages in an open debate with our partners and other stakeholders;
  • Initiative for Pluralism in Assessment: In close cooperation with the Learning for Well-being Community, ECSWE collects good practices in assessment to show alternatives to standardised tests. These are also used to inform our Advocacy towards EU Institutions;
  • Lobbying for Freedom in Education: ECSWE maintains a network with other organisations promoting Freedom in Education.

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  • ECSWE Newsletter 51, May 2018

    In this volume:
    • - The ELIANT Petition for age-appropriate media education;
    • - A Parliament resolution calling for educational choice;
    • - News from the ET2020 Working Group Schools;
    • - Reports of the last two Council meetings in Dornach and Cracow;
    • - Domestic reports: from Italy and the Netherlands;
    • - An update on the WOW-Day 2017;
  • Factsheet 2017/18

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