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Conference: Towards a Healthy Digital Ecosystem: Values, Competences and Responsibilities

Our partner Alliance ELIANT has the pleasure to invite you to its international conference in Brussels Towards a Healthy Digital Ecosystem: Values, Competences and Responsibilities.

  • When? 28 November 2017, 2pm – 7pm
  • Where? Royal Library, Mont des Arts,1000 Brussels – see map
  • Register here

About the Conference:Europe’s digital future is of critical importance to the wellbeing and prosperity of its people, but there is still insufficient discussion around the impact digitalisation will have on the healthy development of children and young people and the effect of introducing digital technologies from an early age.

Europe needs motivated, tolerant, creative and empathetic citizens. To what extent can this be achieved in a digital classroom? These issues, and more, will be discussed in a series of expert workshops.

Join Martine Reicherts, Director-General for Education and Culture, Prof. Thomas Fuchs and Prof. Gertraudt Teuchert-Noodt in debating the health and development of the digital child and leadership in the digital world.

Find out more about the conference here and read more about the issues.

Alliance ELIANT, the European Alliance of Initiatives for Applied Anthroposophy,  is an alliance of 10 European associations of applied anthroposophy set up in 2006 to make a civic contribution towards improving quality of life and cultural diversity in Europe. The main focus of their work is the question of how to make human rights practical and how to bring a sense of human dignity, individual freedom, equality and solidarity into everyday life.Inspired by the European Citizens’ Initiative before it became operational, ELIANT was the first organisation to successfully collect over 1 million signatures calling for a greater variety and availability of choices in Europe.

This conference is organised by ELIANT, with the support of ECAS. 

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